Buat baik, dibalas baik

When I was exiting from Leisure Mall car park earlier, a lady walked across my car. As she walked by, she pointed to my car lights and signalled to me that it were not on. Lol. What the heck. Forgot to turn it on. The car park very bright lah. So…

This reminds me of late that I’ve seen a number of cars without the lights on when on the road at night. And out of goodwill, I will high-light them, or inform them that their lights is off.

I know this is trivial, but…could this be a sign of “buat baik, dibalas baik”?


One Response to “Buat baik, dibalas baik”

  1. Joanne Says:

    agree agree!! sometimes when I’m on the road also forget to on the light…
    there was once when a motorcyclist honk me and ask me to on the light..
    really thanks those who are so kind…
    Malaysia need more of these kind of people…

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