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Twenty years from now… Mark Twain

June 27, 2006

“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did do.”

Mark Twain


Feb 2004: One day trip to Kuching

June 17, 2006

Finally, I get to kickstart my Travelogue category. And here's my first travelogue's entry about my one day trip to Kuching, with the then just arrived AirAsia Red Devil A320 plane. This is the Red Devil maiden trip to Kuching, and I've won two tickets for this trip thru a contest in AirAsia website.

Here goes…

The shore of Sarawak.

Being greeted like big shots, with all the medias.

Only for Man Utd fan. Any Liverpool fans will be shot. 😛

My girl. 🙂

Not my girls. 😐

No idea what these little creatures are called.

At the Waterfront.

Century old temple in Kuching.

The only cat statues which are within our walking distance.

Outside Tun Jugah complex, I think.

The palace Charles Brooke built for his wife.

A monument to remember Charles Brooke.

One of the small street where we ate, before leaving for the airport.

It's a tiring trip indeed, as we covered the whole stretch of Waterfront in less than one day, by walking. But of course, it's quite enjoyable as well, to visit a place new to me.

Kuching is definitely not a place for people who can't stand staying at home. Lol… It lacks entertainment. Even Kenny Sia prefers Miri. Haha… Nonetheless, I wouldn't mind revisiting Kuching, as according to the taxi driver, there are quite a number of places more to visit, which are situated outside of the city.

Hopefully, one day, I'll get to go back to Kuching, and probably bump into Kenny!

DIY World Cup MC

June 15, 2006

This might be handy for some of you guys out there!


If an obstacle is… Ajahn Vayama

June 15, 2006

“If an obstacle is in your path, don’t treat it as a hindrance. The obstacle is part of your path.”

Ajahn Vayama

Teleconversation with ASStro customer service

June 12, 2006

Though my favourite team is England, as I know all the players, I still love to watch other top teams, especially the Netherlands. So, yesterday, I made it a point to go back at 9pm so that I can catch them in action.

When I reached home, my sis told me that ASStro was down. She called the Customer Care line and troubleshot, still the service is down.

I tried to call up ASStro again…and after more than 30 minutes and more than 5 attempts to get thru to their customer service personnel, here's the approximate tele-conversation…

*verifying my identity*

me: my sis called up earlier, and troubleshot, but the service still down.

Asstro: ok… if like this, would you like us to send our technician over to check?

me: *over-ecstatic* great! how long does he need to come over?

Asstro: 3 to 4 working days.

me: but… but… it's the World Cup month!!!!

Asstro: yes, but we need 3 to 4 working days to send them there… it's a technical issue…


I hung up…

Age is catching up…

June 7, 2006

My brother's marriage does not only marked a new chapter in his life, but it also marked another milestone in my own journey of life.

It's not a wake up call. More to a call for action. Gone were the carefree days when responsibility is just another word in the dictionary. Responsibility now represent the weight that we have to carry on our shoulders.

I've been thru 5 marriages of my sisters, but non were more significant than my brother's marriage. It could be because we're the youngest among 7 siblings, and being the youngest, and with such huge age gap, I've never have the chance to see or remember my sisters when they were younger.

My brother to me has always been playful, and a not so serious kind of person. So, when your sibling who has the nearest age to you get married, you know you are next! As expected, I was rained with the question that I do not know how to answer, "when's your turn?". Haha…

The fact that I am at a marry-able age really hit hard on me. And when I look back, I realised how much time has passed me by just like that, when memory of my younger years still lingers in my mind.

What make it worse is that, even friends my age are getting married! One even have two kids at home. And I'm still as lost as when I graduated. How can I not missed those days studying? Exams? Peanuts. Definitely better than working.

Upcoming marriages includes kns/lsf registration at SJBA this weekend, and Li Lian's pre-wedding trip to Redang. Walaueh. Like this also can. Something like a one last time bachelor trip, I guess.

Marriage has never crossed my mind as seriously as it is now! I wish I can keep on living a carefree live. Maybe I should start saving now. Lol…

Ba Puki dai hui jia

June 7, 2006


Congratulations to my brother

June 2, 2006

Wedding card

Congratulations and all the best wishes to my brother. How time has flies! I'm the only one left unmarried, among my siblings. Lol…

The wedding will be on Saturday morning, and the dinner will be held later that nite in my hometown. I am kinda expecting a lot of "When is your turn?" questions. Hahahaha…

Can someone teach me how to answer this question, in a way that I can sort of make the ask-er "tertekan"?

from {:—SuBaNg BoY—:} (fast becoming my feeder blog. wakakaz…)

Three ingredients for a healthy relationship

There must be mutual respect between two people for them to have a meaningful relationship. The respect must transcend superficial tolerance toward each other. Rather, it must be a deep seated willingness to accept each other's characteristics and quirks without prejudice.

With mutual respect, both parties must be open and transparent with each other. There should not be any secrets or hidden resentments. Any dissatisfaction must be sorted out immediately in order not to allow it to grow and pile up irreversibly. Open communication is vital toward the success of any relationship.

While respect and openness are fostered, there will be times when either person will experience a breakdown and thus bouts of emotional bursts will occur. This should never be taken personally, and instead of confronting it, the other person must have the patience to let this subside.

With these three ingredients – respect, openness, patience – a truly healthy relationship can be formed and sustained between two people.

Buat baik, dibalas baik

June 1, 2006

When I was exiting from Leisure Mall car park earlier, a lady walked across my car. As she walked by, she pointed to my car lights and signalled to me that it were not on. Lol. What the heck. Forgot to turn it on. The car park very bright lah. So…

This reminds me of late that I’ve seen a number of cars without the lights on when on the road at night. And out of goodwill, I will high-light them, or inform them that their lights is off.

I know this is trivial, but…could this be a sign of “buat baik, dibalas baik”?


June 1, 2006


but I can still find time to post up this stoopid entry. What the fuck!