Electricity up by 12%

The Energy, Water and Communications Minister Datuk Seri Lim Keng Yaik today announced that the electricity tariff will go up by 12% on 1st June.

It will not affect the low to medium income group. Hahahahaha… never expected my family to be classified in the high income group. Hahahahahahaha…

And oh yeah… as usual, the same lame reason was given.

"Even with the 12% tariff increase, he said, Malaysia still had the cheapest electricity in the region with the exception of Indonesia."

Good news is there is no advice to change lifestyle this time around, but….

"…consumers need not set their air-conditioner at 16°C and that 24°C was good enough."

Checkout Screenshots for a more critical point of view.

Update: Niamah ringtones, featuring Patrick Teoh.


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