Work is getting more stressful lately.

Life is just as stressful.

Buddha’s words is so true…

“Life is suffering…”

But, what is the cause of my suffering?

How can I end this suffering of mine?

Kill stress.


One Response to “Stressful”

  1. jyon Says:

    1. kill yourself. but tht wud cause more suffering in ur next life.
    2. get out from the place. but u wudnt do that.
    3. just do it and stop complaining. yeap. tht wud help.

    alot of times, its just easier to work on things and get things done. the more we think that its stress, the more harder it gets and the more suffering we have.

    but anyway, you already know all these. so, i mumble all the way here. doh.

    dude, hang in there. page me if u need someone to talk to…

    Aaron says: Suicide is not an option. Maybe I should have written.. Fuck stress. :p 

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