Traffic jam

This morning it took me one and a half hour to do what it usually takes me 15 minutes or less.

I normally wakes up at about 7:45 am, in the morning, get myself done in about 15 minutes or less, before I hit the road, to go to work, which is about 15 minutes from my house.

Normally, some of the cars going into Taman Midah, from Pandan Indah side, will make a illegal turn into Makro to get into Taman Midah. That's the route I take to work every morning, except on Saturday, when the road down to KL from Taman Midah is not so jammed.

Out of some reason, the Makro's gate were shutted this morning!! Having made the turn into the small road leading to Makro, I could't make a u turn. Arghh…have to make a detour, and instead of turning back into the road leading to KL, I took a u-turn at the roundabout, to get to Taman Connaught. Bad decision.

It took me 15 minutes to go past a BP petrol station!! The traffic is not moving!! It's hardly moving, especially for cars that wanted to make u-turn to go down to PJ, thru Mid Valley.

And I reached office half an hour late. Lol. This is the first time I'm stucked in a traffic jam going to work. Man, I really thank God my workplace is not in KL. I would go insane getting stuck in traffic jams like this, twice a day, ok!

Moral of the story is: find a job near your house! Eh…I wake up at 7:45 am ok. Not 6:30 am. Hehehe…


One Response to “Traffic jam”

  1. sharine Says:

    ya ya i know u are lucky!!
    i am stuck in the jam almost every single day of my bloody working life…… arrrrrgggghhhhh.
    How are u getting on now adays? been sooooooooooo long since i talk to u!!~ by the way do u have me in your msn?? if not add me ya i think, i do see u online sometimes but u seems to be hostile hahaha.
    update me about u ya!~ i have change my no by the way!~
    WHere are u working now? and where are u staying?

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