The beginning of the next chapter…

What attracts me to blogging?

I likes to read. I would spend one whole day sitting in my room, just to read, if that book really interest me. And I've even read through my college classes. But, after joining the dog-eat-dog world of work force, I scarcely have time to read. Even my used-to-be-daily reading material – the newspaper – I have no time to read. Cutting me off from all the happenings, almost. Then I turned to reading the online newspaper every morning before work, and every free time I have.

And this is how I stumble upon some really interesting blogs, like Jeff Ooi's, Kenny Sia's, Dr. Liew's and LiewCF's. These blogs interests me because the bloggers are really good in writings, and some tickles your funny bones, like Kenny Sia and Talk Rock, which basically talks cock.

As I find out more about this so called, blogosphere, I found some of my friends' blogs, and decided to start one for myself, just to keep up with the Jonesses. I even managed to persuade some friends to create a blog for themselves! (eg: CO)

Blog offers me a channel to satisfy my hunger to read, which is partly due to my limited talent in creative writing. I read with envy blogs like Xiaxue, and MissIzzy. Their grasp of English must be really "gengz". That is why I like to read these blogs, and try to further improve my own writings.

Constant Updating

It is not easy having a blog, as I found out. My first two blogs lasted days before I forgot my login password. Lol. It's My Life lasted the longest. But I did stop updating it for a period of time, before continuing. It's really not easy, as you need to find something to write about, and also the time to actually put it all into words.

Why the new blog?

I got to know WordPress from LiewCF. I knew about it for quite some time, before I finally decided to check it out. And ended up using it. Lol. WordPress has a very simple, and clean layout which I like. I'm currently exploring WordPress of more uses. And I really like the Page and Categories functions. 😉 


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